Ivana Mavrin

Ivana Mavrin

Ivana Mavrin born was born in Zagreb, she is a professor of psychology, dance teacher, choreographer and dance therapist.

She graduated in Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, School of Ballet, dance and rhythm (School of Contemporary Dance "Ana Maletic") and dance therapy (Dance Therapy Training, Italy). She also completed numerous dance and therapeutic trainings and workshops all over the world (Art Therapy, relating's Dance of Energy, Painting Training, Dance Energy Transformation Training, Family Constelation and Healing Trauma, Talking to the Bodymind, Breath training ...).

She is working for more than 20 years as a dance teacher and choreographer with children, young people and adults. She is the founder and artistic director of the Dance Centre "Osmijeh" and ensemble Black Angels. She has choreographed for shows, dance productions and children's events. She has organized and choreographed for over 70 dance productions. She is the author and leader of training programs for adults "Movement and Dance to Health" and "Bodyfeeling (Pilates, yoga, dance)."

She has worked at the Center for Social Work and participated in projects of the Croatian Association IDEM for professional help for children.

She is co-author and presenter of educational seminars on the application of movement and dance in education and therapy 'Creative Movement' and 'Creative Movement Class ".

She is the author and presenter of cycle of workshops "Alchemy Dance". Her seminars have passed educators, counselors, psychologists and teachers from more than 50 institutions all over the country. Apart from Croatia she holds lectures and seminars in Italy, Greece and China.


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