Dance Alchemy


A process of exploration through movement and dance:

• contact with your own body and becoming aware of its potential
• transformation of emotions through movement
• discovering personal qualities through dance
• exploring elements of the dance alchemy (acceptance-space, intensity- totality, presence-awareness, playfulness-creativity)
• keys to your own inner dance

To participate in the workshops and seminars participants don’t need previous dance experience and there is no age limit.

Some Workshops, Seminars and Trainings


Creative Movement unifies the physical, emotional, intellectual abilities, helping to know ourselves better and become aware of our own potential. In a very specific way it contributes to the learning process and stimulates the brain. Non-repetitive movements involve more complex cognitive-motoric processes, using all the senses, tactile, visual, auditory and spatial. Creative movement can therefore enrich our psychosocial development evolving a positive self-image and respect for others.

Seminar topics:



The goal of these exercises is to learn to detect all of the states of individual body parts and the body as a whole. Scanning the body we become aware of the existing tensions, and by recognizing the parts that are rigid or are blocking the functioning of the body we create an opportunity for their elimination or release.

The space of our day to day experience can be explored in much more depth and engage our interest more than we usually envision. Different and imaginative interaction with others can make the space even more creative.

The goal of these tasks is to remove the conditioned forms of observation of space and of other people. Participants develop spatial perception and improve their concentration while using multi-sensor-motoric abilities.



What participants can learn on the seminar Movement Therapy:

Seminar topics:



A range of exercises are being explored analyzing the different types of movement through different rhythms.

The aim is to discover in which of the rhythms we spend most time of our lives, recognizing the pace that suits us, and exploring which rhythm corresponds different emotional states. How different rhythms can trigger different sensations in our body and help release tension and allow alignment of the entire body.





It is very important to give yourself an intimate support for each of the emotional states and allow them. Movement and dance, creating the conditions for change that are occurring in our body and emotions.



These tasks allow us to explore and analyze our own and other people's body language in a variety of emotions. From personal experience we will be able to recognize the signs of non-verbal communication in other people and help them to express their emotional state. It is important to explore the use of equipment which motivates and illustrates the movements.



These tasks provide a different expression of feelings and emotional states. Interaction with other participants who are in similar or opposite emotional state creates imaginative and complex forms of contact and transformations. Support and cooperation of the group gives each member the ability to find their own expression of movement and dance through different emotions.

In Movement Therapy we use movement and dance for emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical conditions. Movements and emotions are directly related, and the purpose is to find a healthy balance and sense of wholeness. We learn how to help children, teenagers or adults and how to help ourselfs in everyday life. Simple excercises can help us become more relaxed, more connected with ourself and with others.

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